Secure messaging for Accountants

accSEND is a unique, extremely secure messaging tool designed specifically for Accountants and their clients to share and digitally sign sensitive information - fast.

Meticulously built yet simple to use, this ground-breaking app is rigorously tested, fully compliant and trusted by financial experts UK wide.

accSEND offers 10GB of storage at just £20 per month for up to 200 users. It’s the fastest way to share and sign confidential documents – with complete peace of mind for you and your client.

accSEND is brought to you by accSYS, a specialist agency with unrivalled web expertise in the world of accountancy.

accSEND allows you to send and receive messages, PDFs and important documents instantly to and from clients via any device.

With 10GB of storage, accountants can securely share large amounts of information. Whether it’s reviewing accounts, sending tax returns, companies house forms and payroll data - as well as responding to questions, messages can be exchanged with the speed of a text yet the privacy of face-to-face.

All information is retained for future reference, allowing for easy auditing.

Simple to use and fast to install, the application can be used securely with up to 200 users. Add your company logo and branding to deliver a highly professional impact.

Exchanging documents securely for signature has long been a challenge for the accountancy sector. In today’s fast-paced world we no longer want to wait for a postal delivery or face-to-face meeting.

accSEND is an easy to use, instant solution. It delivers the fast transfer of documents for digital signature – with impenetrable security encryption.

For just an additional £20 the digital signatures application can be used with all of your users. Simply attach the document via your device and the client will receive it in seconds. The client records their approval via a unique digital signature function and returns it back – with complete security.

Data security is one of the accounting sector’s biggest concerns today. Clients are seeking full reassurance that their sensitive details are in safe hands.

accSEND is extremely secure, providing full encryption automatically to every message. The application has been rigorously tested by third parties to guarantee complete protection.

Both accountant and client access the application via a secure authentication process, requiring a username and password every time. Further security measures protect client details in the event of a lost or forgotten password.

Backed by accSYS, the UK’s largest supplier of websites to Accountants, accSEND is the Accountant’s first choice for secure messaging services.

accSEND is brought to you by accSYS, the UK’s largest supplier of websites to Accountants. Evolving rapidly through insight and innovation, accSYS develops smart new web platforms and applications, tailored by industry sector.

We focus on making complex, sophisticated tools that are fast and simple to use. We’re trusted by over 1,300 customers that value our commitment to both affordability and service.

Our team of technical experts build and syndicate web tools on a large scale. We work in close partnership with industry experts to develop robust, leading edge solutions that meet their unique business challenges and demands.

accSEND is currently only available to our Mercia totalSOLUTION and PracticeTrack Online customers. Please supply us your email and we will contact you once accSEND is ready for public use.

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